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About us.

Our mission

Set up in 2022 in Brussels (Belgium), Bridge EU aims to provide strategic support to bridge the gap between recent human rights and social inclusion challenges and policies across Europe. The support may cover areas, but is not limited to, fundamental rights, social inclusion, employment, education, health, housing, disability rights, integration of migrants, Roma inclusion, integration of homeless people, etc.

We offer a new approach to human rights protection.

We focus on common challenges of people in need instead of isolating specific marginalised groups from each other and developing parallel policy measures. Certainly, the specific needs of some target groups should be part of the mainstream public policies  and solutions.

We build informal networks of civil society organisations, international organisations, public authorities and private entities from across the EU to work on innovative and new solutions which might find their place in future policymaking. We aim to address the current challenges such as growing populism and racism, the evaporation of human rights, decreasing solidarity towards and among marginalised groups.

Our team



Andor Urmos

Andor has over 20 years experience in national and EU public administration supporting the integration of marginalised groups and empowering grassroots organisations.


Andor graduated as a medical doctor and economist, after which he did a PhD in medical sociology. He was the Head of Roma Integration Department in Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour in Hungary (2002-2010). At the European Commission (2010-2021) he was responsible for the horizontal coordination of the European Regional Development Fund for social inclusion. 

Andor is also the co-founder of Rights Association - a Romanian NGO established in 2022 dedicated to the protection and integration of Roma.  

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Louise Bonneau.png


Louise Bonneau

Louise has over 6 years of experience in EU advocacy and policy-making roles in the fields of social inclusion of marginalised people (e.g. persons with disabilities, people with a migrant and roma background, children), human rights, deinstitutionalisation, and EU funds.


She has worked for the European Commission and various civil society organisations (Hope and Homes for Children, Missing Children Europe and Platform for International Cooperation on Undocumented Migrants).

Louise holds an MSc in Global Migration from University College London (2015) and a LLM in International Migration and Refugee Law (2016) from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

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