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Our activities.

Bridge EU aims to lead and participate in a wide range of projects and initiatives in order to respond to the current challenges. In the below, we describe both current and future activities. 

Coalition building

We believe that people with different backgrounds (e.g. ethnicity, disability, residence status, sex, gender, religion) face similar challenges in access services, facing discriminative treatment, etc. We aim to develop coalitions which represents the needs of different target groups. These coalitions should: 

  • develop policies which respond to the common challenges.  

  • take joint actions, to advocate for policy changes

We also want to facilitate cooperation and collaboration between and among public (e.g. public administration, civil society organisations) and private stakeholders to address social challenges and develop joint policy responses.

Advocacy campaigns

We design and implement advocacy strategies and actions, such as: designing and implementation research (desk, qualitative, quantitative, focus group, etc.), setting up new, and joining existing, coalitions and campaigns; organizing conferences, seminars, workshops.

Policy development

We support public and public authorities at EU, national and local level and civil society organisations in policy development, advocacy strategy-making and actions, complaints, so to ensure that policies address social challenges. This might include developing guidances and technical tools, organising seminars and trainings, coaching, etc.

EU funds policy development

We gained some significant experiences in EU funds policy development at EU and national level. This includes EU funds programmes development, guidances, toolkits, and actions to meet the human rights standards at the implementation phase (e.g. call for proposals, project management). 

Supporting grassroots initiatives

We support and participate in local grassroot initiatives, in order to make a link between the local community needs and the policy developments at all levels. ​In the scope of these activities, we provide help in EU funds applications, strategy making, submitting complaints, connecting experts to local stakeholders, etc. 

Interested in our activities
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