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Our services.

At Bridge EU, we offer numerous services to public, private entities and civil society organisations covering the fields below. 

Support to policy development

Do you need support to develop policies, strategies and action plans? Do you see that they don't reflect current challenges, like populism and human rights compliance, or community needs? 


We can help you in the following fields: evidenced based policy-making, data collection, needs assessment of local communities, integrating community needs in policy developments, community empowerment, developing innovative policy models.  

Applying to EU funds projects

Have you tried to apply to EU funds without success? Or would you like to apply, but its your first time? Do you consider the EU funds applications bureaucratic and complex? If you face some of these issues, contact us.


Our organisation gained experiences in EU funds policy developments and implementation of EU funded projects, both at European and national level. We can help you in preparing a project proposal. We are also at your disposal to participate as a partner in your project based on our core activities and thematic expertise.   

Advocating for change

Would you like your advocacy to respond to current challenges? Is the impact of populism making you feel lost in your human rights and social inclusion advocacy work?  


Even if the situation is complex, we should not give up on human rights and social inclusion standards. We can work on this together. We can help you to develop new and innovative advocacy strategies and actions, such as organising seminars,  conferences, PR actions, complaints, communication and media campaigns, etc. 

Private sector partnerships

Does your company miss expertise and capacity in certain human rights and social inclusion thematic areas? Are you looking for contacts, networks of experts at national or local level in the EU and neighbouring countries? Do you want to be more involved in EU policy development?

We aim to bridge civil society organisations, experts with private companies, consultancy firms. We can offer a network of experts in Member States in human rights and social inclusion for companies who are applying for EU tenders. We can support you to develop your corporate social responsiblity strategy. We are also happy to support you to deliver your policy ideas and initiatives to the relevant authorities.

Skills development

Do you face difficulties in getting your messages through to your target audience? Do you need help to use better the available policy instruments, legal tools, etc? 

Our offer includes individual coaching, trainings, seminars on skills developments such as: policy/strategy making (e.g. needs assessment, data collections, links between needs and policy priorities, monitoring, etc), use of policy instruments and legal tools, negotiations, presentation skills, coalition and partnership building, etc.

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